Superintendent's Message

                                                                                                                       August 2016

Dear Stakeholders of the Woodlake Unified School District,

This summer is no different than past ones in WUSD.  Many teachers take classes to further their education and administrators attend workshops to help them with leadership.  Learning never stops.  And when you drive around Woodlake, you are able to see all the maintenance repairs and new construction that takes place while students are not in school.  Check out the new wrought iron fence at WVMS.  Or see the new lighted tennis courts at WHS.  And the PAB will open by October 1 with new seating, sound, and lighting to give it the “Wow” factor that a performance building requires.

We continue to go deeper with our Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  Our site principals and teaching staffs are planning the next step for this exceptional change to our English, math, science and social studies curriculums.  Students took the test last spring for the first time and results are coming in for parents and sites alike.  Our students are learning at a more rigorous pace so as to be able to answer the questions proficiently and prepare themselves for their next grade level.  We must continue to work on raising the complexity in our classrooms. 

Math, English Language Arts and English Language Development have been and will continue to be a focus at all of our schools, especially in our lower grades.  Our three overarching goals are:

Each student will be reading on grade level by the end of third grade and maintain reading on grade level each year as measured by the Developmental Reading Assessment or designated district assessment.

Each English Learner will become proficient in four years as measured by the California English Language Development Test.

Each student will master grade-level mathematics standards as measured by the designated summative assessment.

All students will be served well by being overly prepared in these areas as they promote to the upper grades and high school.  College and Career Readiness continues to be the standard for all of our students when they graduate from high school.  This is a cornerstone of the new Common Core.  We want our students to compete in a global society and are certainly cognizant of our role in improving our students’ quality of living for a lifetime. That being said, it is imperative that this learning begins at birth. 

We are in our fifth year as a unified school district and will do all in our power to continue to make this transition one that will only improve the achievement of our students through the consistency that unification brings.  This does not change the fact that parents are their children’s first teachers, and we do not take lightly our role in helping you as your student moves through our system.  Regular school attendance is a must, so make a goal of having your student attend school every day.  This is especially critical with our youngest (Kress and FJ White) students because regular school attendance is the #1 predictor of academic success.  Please do not hesitate to contact your student’s teacher or principal when you have questions or concerns.  You also may contact me at 564-8081 extension 202 if you have any questions about district-wide matters.

I look forward to making this an outstanding school year for you and your student!


Sincerely,  Drew S. Sorensen, Superintendent